Xiang Yan(阎翔)

Xiang Yan

I am a researcher in Huawei TCS Lab. I received my PhD degree from Department of Computer Science of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, advised by Prof Xiaotie Deng. I majored in mathematics and applied mathematics from 2011 to 2015 in Zhiyuan College (Mount Everest plan) of Shanghai Jiao Tong University as undergraduate student and joined AIMS Lab of SJTU from 2014 fall. From July 2016 to Feb. 2017, I visited Prof Qi Qi as a research assistant in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Decision Analytics of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. From July 2017 to June 2019, I worked as a research intern at the AI Group of Ant Financial (Hang Zhou) under a school-company cooperation project, advised by Prof. Le Song and Prof. Yuan Qi. From Sep. 2019 to Sep. 2020, I worked as a visiting scholar at Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, advised by Prof. Yiling Chen.

My research interest has been mainly in algorithmic game theory. In particular, in following topics: game theory and mechanism design, Internet and computational economics, crowd sourcing, reinforcement learning and multi-agent systems.




  • A Context-Integrated Transformer-Based Neural Network for Auction Design (arXiv)
  • Tight Incentive Analysis on Sybil Attacks to Market Equilibrium of Resource Exchange over General Networks (pdf)
  • On the Convergence of Fictitious Play: A Decomposition Approach (arXiv)
  • Optimal Crowdfunding Design (pdf)
  • A Game-Theoretic Analysis of the Empirical Revenue Maximization Algorithm with Endogenous Sampling (arXiv)
  • Leveraging Multiplexing Gain in Network Slice Bundles (pdf)
  • A Distance Function to Nash Equilibrium
  • Cost-Effective Incentive Allocation via Structured Counterfactual Inference (arXiv)
  • Incentive Facilitation for Peer Data Exchange in Crowdsensing (pdf)
  • A Polynomial Time Algorithm for Fair Resource Allocation in Resource Exchange (pdf)
  • Latent Dirichlet Allocation for Internet Price War (arXiv)
  • Personalized Behavior Prediction with Encoder-to-Decoder Structure (pdf)
  • Limiting User's Sybil Attack in Resource Sharing (pdf)
  • Agent Incentives of Strategic Behavior in Resource Exchange (pdf)
  • Incentive Ratios of a Proportional Sharing Mechanism in Resource Sharing (pdf)
  • An Autonomous Compensation Game to Facilitate Peer Data Exchange in Crowdsensing (pdf)
  • Truthfulness of Proportional Sharing Mechanism in Resource Exchange (pdf)
  • Can Bandwidth Sharing Be Truthful? (pdf)
  • Price Data Engine for Market Design (pdf)
  • Working Papers

  • Strategyproof Facility Location Mechanisms with Richer Action Spaces (arXiv)
  • Finding Mixed Strategy Nash Equilibrium for Continuous Games through Deep Learning (arXiv)
  • Reinforcement Learning for Uplift Modeling (arXiv)
  • Computing Market Equilibrium via Sinkhorn-Like Dynamics and Algebraic Algorithms
  • Hybrid Auction and Membership Fee in Online Platform
  • Teaching Experience

    Teaching Assistant (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

  • Big Data Algorithm (Xiaotie Deng, Fall 2016)
  • Game Theoretic Methodology and Technique for Internet Protocol (Xiaotie Deng, Fall 2015)
  • Real Analysis & Fourier Analysis (Mikhail Tyaglov, Spring 2015 & 2016)
  • Honor & Awards

  • Best Youth Paper Award (Second Prize)
  • Guanghua Scholarship (Oct. 2016, top 10% in SJTU)
  • Outstanding Bachelor Thesis of SJTU (July 2015, top 1% in SJTU)
  • Outstanding Graduate Student of Shanghai (July 2015, top 1% in Shanghai)
  • SJTU Scholarship (Level A) (Oct. 2014, top 1% in SJTU)
  • Masterpiece Mention (of Mathematical Contest in Modeling, USA (Apr. 2014)
  • First Prize of China University Mathematical Contest in Modeling (Oct. 2013)
  • Others

  • National Second-level Basketball Referee
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